Be a leader of leaders in your area by hosting a Leadership Success LIVE regional event!

Help your local programs create a more effective and engaged team of student leaders to grow your music program in 2020 and beyond.

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Leadership Success LIVE helps grow your music program by developing your student leaders.

2.5-hour interactive workshop 

A dynamic multi-group setting. Bring up to 40 students, typically those who are applying for a student leadership position.

Tailored content to level up your student leaders

Scott Lang is a national renowned student leadership expert that will prepare and motivate your students to emerge as strong, capable leaders. The skills they emerge with will help build your music program.

Proven leadership application to use with your program

Part of the workshop includes a unique, five-step application process is designed to attract and build the right kind of servant leader. This process can be used during the selection process at your school. Use it as is or just the parts you like.

Save money as a host

Host groups can save money on travel expenses and have their entry fee reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many groups does it take to make a workshop a go?
Each workshop has to have a minimum of 5 groups (band/choir or orchestra) who pay 550.00 to bring up to 40 kids.
What are the benefits of hosting?
First off, you don’t have to get on a bus! Enough said!  Additionally, if the hosts helps to recruit seven groups (band/choir/orchestra) their host group receives a 50% discount. If we have 8 groups, the host group is FREE! With a little bit of effort you can skip the bus ride AND have a free workshop!
What are the steps to hosting?
  • respond to this email with potential dates (it’s best to submit three dates in priority order)
  • reach out to a couple of colleagues ini your area and gauge interest level
  • we solidify the date
  • let everyone in the area know about it (we help with this)
  • have fun
We help with the marketing and take care of all of the registration & subsequent correspondence.  You just have to let your friends know and help spread the word.
What happens if we can’t get five groups?
Prior to making final arrangements, we will reach back out and let you know how many groups have registered. If it’s less than five, the groups can choose the split the cost evenly among the remaining groups and bring more students, or we can cancel the workshop at not cost to you.
What type of facilities do I need?
Generally speaking, your normal rehearsal space is more than adequate.  Scott’s likes very small and tight intimate spaces.
Why should I do this?
Because you want to make an impact not just with your students but for others in your music education community.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! We do all the work, and you get all the benefits.

Inquire About Hosting a Workshop

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