Grow your student leaders with Leadership Success LIVE!

Elevate your music program in 2021 and beyond.

Leadership Success LIVE helps grow your music program by developing your student leaders.

2.5-hour interactive workshop

A dynamic multi-group setting. Open to any and all high school band, choir and orchestra students.

Tailored content to level up your student leaders

Scott Lang is a national renowned student leadership expert that will prepare and motivate your students to emerge as strong, capable leaders. The skills they emerge with will help build your music program.

Fall 2021 Workshop Series

Dallas, TX – August 5, 2021
Katy, TX – August 7, 2021
Indianapolis, IN – August 10, 2021
Grand Junction, CO – August 17, 2021
Oklahoma City, OK – August 19, 2021
Broken Arrow, OK – August 20, 2021
Saratoga, CA – August 25, 2021
Radcliff, KY – August 31, 2021
Denver, CO – September 7, 2021
Albuquerque, NM – September 8, 2021
Las Vegas, NV – September 9, 2021
Mesa, AZ – September 11, 2021
Date Location Host School
August 5, 2021 Dallas, Texas The Colony High School
August 7, 2021 Katy, Texas Taylor High School
August 10, 2021 Indianapolis, Indiana Decatur Central High School
August 17, 2021 Grand Junction, Colorado Palisade High School
August 19, 2021 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma South Moore High School
August 20, 2021 Broken, Arrow, Oklahoma Broken Arrow High School
August 25, 2021 Saratoga, California Saratoga High School
August 31, 2021 Radcliff, Kentucky North Hardin High School
September 7, 2021 Denver, Colorado Smoky Hill High School
September 8, 2021 Albuquerque, New Mexico El Dorado High School
September 9, 2021 Las Vegas, Nevada Green Valley High School
September 11, 2021 Mesa, Arizona Dobson High School

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I do this?

BECAUSE IT WORKS. We know we can help you create a more effective and engaged team of student leaders. This experience will increase the quality of your instructional process and increase the level of buy in from everyone in your program.

What is the workshop like?

This 2.5-hour interactive and dynamic experience will explore the world of student leadership within the context of music. Your students will be challenged to look in the mirror and take ownership of the leader they have been and are capable of being.

Who should attend the workshop?

Any student who is applying for a leadership position for the upcoming school year.

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